Christmas Dance

I was in Staples when I noticed a very old man looking rather confused. He said he was searching for a phone clip that fit into a car vent for his granddaughter for Christmas. My first reaction was to find a salesperson. I had looked at my phone, I had messages to answer, and it was the week before Christmas with presents still to be bought and wrapped.

As I stopped and gazed at him, I could sense it was more than just confusion, it was despair. I felt drawn to him. Read more


I was frustrated on several levels starting very early this morning.  I was walking to my car thinking I could very well scream out loud to release some of what I was feeling, when just a few feet from my parking spot, was a homeless man sitting on the ground in a small park.  I then realized, his pain far outweighed any frustration I have endured.  I got him a blanket and hot food, and as I stooped down to wrap him in the blanket, that still small voice whispered to me…

Kiss him on the forehead, because you will be the only person that will love him today.

I gently kissed him and walked back to my car crying like a baby.   I realized…I can’t save the world… but I can love one person at a time.