One of the elements that contributes to the composition of who I am is the ability to love and forgive unconditionally.  This task at times may seem impossible, especially when the same hurt is continually perpetuated, or love may seem fleeting.  I do have boundaries for self-protection, however, the word unconditional says it all, no conditions, no terms, and no I will if you will…only I WILL.  I have found there is never a time for me, at least, that it is not worth it.  Perhaps it’s a calling, or possibly just a beautiful gift God has given me.  I am not perfect, and at times have probably made some of you want to scream, but I am thankful for who I am.  I sincerely hope each time our eyes meet, or my written words embrace your mind, you will walk away confident in saying, I know she loves me, unconditionally.


I have found that it is sometimes difficult for people to understand when I say I am not “religious”.  In fact it usually shocks them.

What I am, is a person that has a very personal one on one relationship with God ,am a believer that Jesus is my Saviour, and the Holy Spirit provides me with the power to move productively in what God has enabled and planned for me.  I have a faith that has been tested, tried, and proven on many occasions to be exactly what God tells me it is.  I feel Him in a tangible way, and if I don’t hear from Him it is simply because I’m not listening.  I choose to meet and participate in an organized church that I am confident will teach and challenge me continually, love me unconditionally, support me in my personal walk with God, impact our community tangibly, endeavor to be an active contributor to the burdens of those in other countries not as blessed as we are in Canada, and foremost, will recognize we are all not perfect, but certainly worthy of His and our love.

So to me, religion is much like an institutionalize arena, but FAITH…well that can MOVE MOUNTAINS!