Goodness and Mercy

As I stood looking down this street last Friday I was brought to tears.

I remembered friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

Riding my red tricycle, and my 2 wheel Schwinn. Walking to school, running to my friend’s house, and around the block strolls with my Father. I could hear his voice calling me once the street lights came on.
I saw myself being walked home by a boy that was struggling to carry both of our school books, and remembered lying under the apple tree in our backyard, playing with my dolls, and plastic horses for hours.

Once I had reached the corner, I contemplated where I was standing, and where my life had taken me from that very spot until now. In the stillness of my spirit, I felt God remind me of what I had always known…with every breath I have taken, and every circumstance I have experienced, whether in joy or in pain … Goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life. (Psalm23:6)