God Lives in Detroit and Vacations in Other Places

(April 2016) 

ISBN# 978-1-48661245-1

There are times and circumstances that generate a pain so deep, that even the most seasoned believer can feel separated from God. A pit so consuming and dark, the thought of finding Him again and feeling His touch, seems impossible. I know that place…the forsaken zone. The place where time stands still and the concept of a plan for our lives has been muffled and nearly wiped out.

In that despair, God gave me His address, so I would be able to come to the place He lives, and open the door to His heart…and my future.

God Lives in Detroit and Vacations in Other Places will help you take those first steps in reconnecting with God, even though you are certain He has abandoned you.  Just like searching for a lost object, there are times we have to retrace the steps where we first began to see the road that is leading to our future.


How to Kiss Without Using Your Lips

(Coming in 2016)

We can’t expect people to believe or desire a God they can’t see, when they aren’t being loved by His people they can see. We are now living in one of the most self-absorbed generations in the history of time. We have exchanged the will to engage, with the desire to continually be enraged. “Personal touch” has been reduced to a “no touch” social media reality. Digital distraction and a cultural attention crisis has moved the church into a dangerous arena.

We are professing Christ with our lips, yet denying Him with our actions…or lack of them. Random acts of kindness are nice, but won’t cut it. The church must learn, spontaneous, second nature, self-sacrifice for another. The remedy is simple… we must learn, “ How To Kiss Without Using Our Lips”

People are looking for all types of love, connection, and experience, but everything they need is inside all the people around them, we just need to create the desire to pass it on.

How To Kiss Without Using Your Lips will show you and your church, that by shear virtue of the fact that God created each and every one of us, makes every person’s life valuable and meaningful. Our purpose is to fan a flame so deep within our church core of the validity of that statement that each act outside of church, reflects a living example of exactly how God feels about you. Then…they will follow.

Before I Knew You Loved Me


Finalist in the Canadian Christian Writers Awards

ISBN 1-897373-42-2

There are those of us that have lived our lives never really seeing the true light of day. We have been imprisoned to a life sentence of sorts, day in and day out struggling to crawl out from under the perpetual shadow of another. This shadow is cast from the one place we’re all the most vulnerable, and from the people best equipped to crush our spirits and wound us permanently….our families.

I’m not sure when it began, or even how old I was when I first felt the hole in my heart that grew to become a cavern of rejection and, to some extent, a degree of self-loathing, but with certainty, I can tell you when it ended. The day God gave me a gift I never expected; the day my Mother died…the day I learned the truth.

Before I Knew You Loved Me will comfort those that have experienced childhood trauma while creating an understanding that God can work to fuel forgiveness through the most unlikely set of circumstances.

It is a must read for anyone struggling to come to grips with their past and the strength it takes to be able to forgive.