The Chosen Forgotten

One advantage to being a “little” older is having had more life experiences. It lends itself to greater compassion when viewing people’s lives and piecing together the circumstances that may have brought them to where they are, good, or bad. Perhaps this was the primary reason I was somewhat taken aback by comments made when I was recently raising funds to feed some of the homeless and disenfranchised people in Detroit. One comment/question in particular struck me as I wasn’t immediately prepared how to answer.… Why are you doing this? Especially in Detroit! I can think of better ministry to put your time into. It’s not worth it…their situation is never going to change, so why not invest your time and money into something that will actually create change and make a difference. Read more

Shake It Out

Salt is only useful once it is taken out of the box. Take your gifts and talents “out of the box” and use them to enhance the lives of others.
“Flavour” someone’s life with goodness, grace, mercy, and possibly just a little help along the way.
Shake it out…shake it out… (couldn’t resist that)

Grandmotherhood Complete

Most people that know me well, understand how very much I loved my Grandma O’Reilly. I remember looking into her eyes and feeling that unspoken assurance of her deep love for me.
In my wallet, I carry a small variety of “treasures” from people I love. There are items from my grandchildren that would mean nothing to anyone else, however, when I am away from them, or home, I can take them out and visualize the moment they gave them to me with pride and love.
This flower is my newest addition from one of my Granddaughters. It may be just a cute craft to some of you, but the place I received it, the words spoken at the time, and the love expressed, were again, a true confirmation to me, that God’s promises really are true.

Yesterday, my Granddaughter was standing next to me as I was putting something in my wallet and her little hand stopped me before I was able to close it. As she pointed to the flower,she looked in my eyes,hugged me, and smiled. It was then I realized, that years from now, she won’t remember what I bought her for Christmas this year, but she will think of me, and as with my Grandmother,remember that unspoken assurance of my deep love for her.
My “Grandmotherhood” felt complete.

Sweet Sweet Spirit in this Place

Today I met someone whose sweetness of spirit made me want to hug her and never let go. The church folks affectionately referred to her as “Sister Elaine”. I was elated when she put her arm around me and clenched my hand during prayer time. Later on in her sweet soft voice she said, you know… We are all one big family. We are put here for each other. Our blood is the same colour.. We just live in different coloured houses. It was as if  I had felt the sweet breath of an angel.

Goodness and Mercy

As I stood looking down this street last Friday I was brought to tears.

I remembered friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

Riding my red tricycle, and my 2 wheel Schwinn. Walking to school, running to my friend’s house, and around the block strolls with my Father. I could hear his voice calling me once the street lights came on.
I saw myself being walked home by a boy that was struggling to carry both of our school books, and remembered lying under the apple tree in our backyard, playing with my dolls, and plastic horses for hours.

Once I had reached the corner, I contemplated where I was standing, and where my life had taken me from that very spot until now. In the stillness of my spirit, I felt God remind me of what I had always known…with every breath I have taken, and every circumstance I have experienced, whether in joy or in pain … Goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life. (Psalm23:6)

Blood Moon

I think this is the most beautiful photo I have seen today of last night’s Blood Moon. People anxiously awaited it’s manifestation for many reasons. Some scientific, some spiritual, some for its beauty, and some for sheer curiosity. I stood on my balcony for a considerable amount of time going back and forth with various views through both my naked eye and my binoculars. With each continuing progression of change, came a change in my emotions. I felt connected to those of my friends in various parts of the world that were looking at this same moon. I remembered the feeling of being in love standing in the moonlight wrapped in someone’s arms in a type of silence that speaks volumes. I remembered my Father who tried desperately to make me believe there was a man in the moon.

I also remembered in Genesis where it says…God made two great lights, the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night, and I was in awe that I was physically standing watching a continuum of the exact moment that took place all these years later. Before I went in to bed, I looked into the Heavens and thought of all the people I love, and that have touched my life, that are on the other side of that moon and smiled…how glorious it must be. Blew them a kiss, and said…see you on the other side one day.


Have come to realize I am one of the most stubborn people I know.  Even though the dictionary has many negative words and phrases that extol the meaning of stubborn, two of them stood out to me, tenacity and done in a continued manner.  That changes it all for me! There are some things I will be stubborn about until the day I die.

  • I will choose love over hate always.
  • No matter what comes my way I will tenaciously fight, claw, and crawl, with all I have to come out the other side better than when I went in.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • A kiss can move a heart to perfection of emotions, and a hug will comfort the deepest sorrow.
  • Don’t ever tell me I can’t when I’m in the middle of a mission that won’t cause me bodily harm. (Bruising is OK)
  • I will dance in public.
  • I can love in all the following ways, small, medium, and large. I prefer to love you large, however sometimes it’s like dessert, and you have to limit yourself to a small portion until the right occasion arises.
  • My faith in God will help me move mountains, sometimes I just need the rest of you to show up with a shovel.

I’m not oblivious to my less than desirable moments of negative stubbornness, but would prefer you just walked on by when it’s happening, LOL

If you are reading this, more than likely I will die loving or liking you in some way or another. It’s far more enjoyable than the alternative. Be “stubborn” today, it’s more life enriching than you might think.


Whenever Layla is with me for a sleepover, as I head to bed I strategically leave certain lights on, because inevitably sometime during the night she awakens and comes over to my bed, and I want the path for her to find me, to be clear in her state of half sleep.  As soon as I awaken to the sound of the her little feet coming across my bedroom floor I pull back the covers, and as she climbs in, I cuddle her close, kiss her cheek, and always whisper the same words… Grandma was waiting for you Darling.  I can’t help but think God does the same thing.  When we have those seasons of being shadowed by the dark nights of our souls, He leaves His light on for us and is waiting to whisper…. I’ve been waiting for you Darling.


On one of our many walks together, my Father once told me that no matter how old he got he would never accept the status quo for more than the time lapse of one breath.  Because that was all the time you needed to feel more love, new adventure, and a rekindling of spirit. Made no sense to me then, but I cherish his words now.


One of the elements that contributes to the composition of who I am is the ability to love and forgive unconditionally.  This task at times may seem impossible, especially when the same hurt is continually perpetuated, or love may seem fleeting.  I do have boundaries for self-protection, however, the word unconditional says it all, no conditions, no terms, and no I will if you will…only I WILL.  I have found there is never a time for me, at least, that it is not worth it.  Perhaps it’s a calling, or possibly just a beautiful gift God has given me.  I am not perfect, and at times have probably made some of you want to scream, but I am thankful for who I am.  I sincerely hope each time our eyes meet, or my written words embrace your mind, you will walk away confident in saying, I know she loves me, unconditionally.


I have found that it is sometimes difficult for people to understand when I say I am not “religious”.  In fact it usually shocks them.

What I am, is a person that has a very personal one on one relationship with God ,am a believer that Jesus is my Saviour, and the Holy Spirit provides me with the power to move productively in what God has enabled and planned for me.  I have a faith that has been tested, tried, and proven on many occasions to be exactly what God tells me it is.  I feel Him in a tangible way, and if I don’t hear from Him it is simply because I’m not listening.  I choose to meet and participate in an organized church that I am confident will teach and challenge me continually, love me unconditionally, support me in my personal walk with God, impact our community tangibly, endeavor to be an active contributor to the burdens of those in other countries not as blessed as we are in Canada, and foremost, will recognize we are all not perfect, but certainly worthy of His and our love.

So to me, religion is much like an institutionalize arena, but FAITH…well that can MOVE MOUNTAINS!


I stopped at Goodness Me to stock up and was shopping away when I realized it was Friday and I had not hugged my stranger for this week.  As I really was hoping not to go out tomorrow, in my mind I thought… Ok God, might need your help on this one.  Just then I came upon this little girl whom I had not met before and her Mom. Before I had a chance to say anything Shaylah introduced herself and proceeded to ask me if I knew God.  I said, As a matter of fact, He’s a good friend of mine and I just asked Him to send me a stranger to hug, and here you are.  I asked her Mom if it was ok and we hugged… a real good one. She then asked if I wanted to go to church with her sometime because God was there.  I looked at her sweet spirit and said…There’s no doubt in my mind He is.

Couldn’t help but think of Psalm 8:2  From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise. Appears God is working overtime on me today.


On this Mother’s Day eve, I am reflecting on something my Grandmother once told me…. It is easy to tell someone you love them when they make you happy.  But the true test of love, is if you can tell someone you love them “everyday”.  I hope one day when I have relocated to Heaven, my grandchildren will reflect back on my life and times with them and say… She loved me “everyday”.


I was a runner as a child. Never wanted to stand still. My father once told me they considered getting a leash for me. I can pretty much guess what everyone in this picture is thinking…
My sister… She is such a brat!
My Mother… Gerry can you not control that child for even a moment!
My Dad… Please stand still!
Me… In your ear… I’m outta here!

Christmas Dance

I was in Staples when I noticed a very old man looking rather confused. He said he was searching for a phone clip that fit into a car vent for his granddaughter for Christmas. My first reaction was to find a salesperson. I had looked at my phone, I had messages to answer, and it was the week before Christmas with presents still to be bought and wrapped.

As I stopped and gazed at him, I could sense it was more than just confusion, it was despair. I felt drawn to him. Read more


I was frustrated on several levels starting very early this morning.  I was walking to my car thinking I could very well scream out loud to release some of what I was feeling, when just a few feet from my parking spot, was a homeless man sitting on the ground in a small park.  I then realized, his pain far outweighed any frustration I have endured.  I got him a blanket and hot food, and as I stooped down to wrap him in the blanket, that still small voice whispered to me…

Kiss him on the forehead, because you will be the only person that will love him today.

I gently kissed him and walked back to my car crying like a baby.   I realized…I can’t save the world… but I can love one person at a time.

The Greatest Cover-up Known to Mankind

My daughter Angela has been a strong willed person from the moment she took her first breath. I watched her grow, and with each year under her belt, her beauty, intelligence, and talents flourished.

I was certain as I watched her being brought up in a Christian home, she would lean on the truths she had heard, and her life would blossom into everything I had hoped for her. Not exactly so.  In her early teens, I began to see a real spirit of rebellion rising up in Angela, and one of her first exhibiting signs of this, was to get a tattoo.  Read more