Grandmotherhood Complete

Most people that know me well, understand how very much I loved my Grandma O’Reilly. I remember looking into her eyes and feeling that unspoken assurance of her deep love for me.
In my wallet, I carry a small variety of “treasures” from people I love. There are items from my grandchildren that would mean nothing to anyone else, however, when I am away from them, or home, I can take them out and visualize the moment they gave them to me with pride and love.
This flower is my newest addition from one of my Granddaughters. It may be just a cute craft to some of you, but the place I received it, the words spoken at the time, and the love expressed, were again, a true confirmation to me, that God’s promises really are true.

Yesterday, my Granddaughter was standing next to me as I was putting something in my wallet and her little hand stopped me before I was able to close it. As she pointed to the flower,she looked in my eyes,hugged me, and smiled. It was then I realized, that years from now, she won’t remember what I bought her for Christmas this year, but she will think of me, and as with my Grandmother,remember that unspoken assurance of my deep love for her.
My “Grandmotherhood” felt complete.

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