One of the elements that contributes to the composition of who I am is the ability to love and forgive unconditionally.  This task at times may seem impossible, especially when the same hurt is continually perpetuated, or love may seem fleeting.  I do have boundaries for self-protection, however, the word unconditional says it all, no conditions, no terms, and no I will if you will…only I WILL.  I have found there is never a time for me, at least, that it is not worth it.  Perhaps it’s a calling, or possibly just a beautiful gift God has given me.  I am not perfect, and at times have probably made some of you want to scream, but I am thankful for who I am.  I sincerely hope each time our eyes meet, or my written words embrace your mind, you will walk away confident in saying, I know she loves me, unconditionally.

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