I was sitting next to a man at Starbucks yesterday and I pulled a notebook out of my purse and began to write down my thought quickly as not to forget.  He chuckled and said.. That looks very important.  I told him I was trying to finish my second book, and when a thought comes to mind I quickly write it so I don’t forget it.  He then jokingly said let’s see how creative of a writer you are! What would you write about all these different types of drinks on the menu here?

I thought for a moment and said…

These coffees are allot like men. Some are weak and some are strong.  Some are fancy, and some are plain.  Some are only good for a season, after which you find yourself wondering why you indulged in them as they couldn’t possibly be good for you.  Some are fancy to look at, but when you get down to the core they aren’t what you expected.  Then sooner or later you find your favourite and hope it never goes off the menu, but if it does the others are around to give you the boost you need.

He started laughing and said.. That’s quite funny, especially since I overheard you just order yours “extra hot”.  He then said he couldn’t wait to tell his wife this.  Was nice to know I would make two people laugh today.

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