Keynote Speaker

Having spoken in professional genres for more than two decades, MAK has chosen to take her speaking and lecturing expertise, combined with her life experiences, to impact, motivate, and enrich international audiences and organizations alike.

The Blessing Exchange

Have you ever prayed for a blessing, or had a request, and bargained with God?

We all have. I have lost count of the times I have sung “I surrender all” without actually considering what that might mean. The times I have knelt before God and told Him I want Your will..not mine, but deep down I wanted it on my terms. God gave me one of the greatest desires of my heart, but it did not come without an exchange and unfathomable pain.

However, what I discovered, was that the greater blessing, blossomed through the pain…

I felt the true heart of Christ.

How To Kiss Without Using Your Lips

We can’t expect people to believe or desire a God they can’t see, when they aren’t being loved by His people they can see.  We are now living in one of the most self-absorbed generations in the history of time. We have exchanged the will to engage, with the desire to continually be enraged.  “Personal touch” has been reduced to a “no touch” social media reality. Digital distraction and a cultural attention crisis has moved the church into a dangerous arena.

We are professing Christ with our lips, yet denying Him with our actions…or lack of them. Random acts of kindness, won’t cut it. The church must learn, unabandoned, second nature, self-sacrifice for another.

The remedy is simple…we must learn to “Kiss with no lips”. People are looking for all types of love, connection, and experience, but everything they need is inside all the people around them, we just need to create the desire to pass it on.


God Lives in Detroit and Vacations in Other Places

There are times and circumstances that generate a pain so deep, that even the most seasoned believer can feel separated from God. A pit so consuming and dark, the thought of finding Him again and feeling His touch, seems impossible. I know that place…the forsaken zone. The place where time stands still and the concept of a plan for our lives has been muffled and nearly wiped out. In that despair, God gave me His address, so I would be able to come to the place He lives, and open the door to His heart… and my future.

If You Want Swagger at 70 You Better Start Now

(Topic for Women only)

It’s coming!!!! The mid-life crisis. We all think we’re exempt, but we all feel it on several levels. You wake up one morning and wonder what happened. How can I feel the way I do about myself. Our past does not have to dictate our future, but it definitely impacts it. If we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, then why are we fearful, and in wonder? Confidence, purpose, strength, and the reality of your impact on the world comes with training. You need to learn to “Walk Like You Know What You’re Worth” …. At any age.