The Greatest Cover-up Known to Mankind

My daughter Angela has been a strong willed person from the moment she took her first breath. I watched her grow, and with each year under her belt, her beauty, intelligence, and talents flourished.

I was certain as I watched her being brought up in a Christian home, she would lean on the truths she had heard, and her life would blossom into everything I had hoped for her. Not exactly so.  In her early teens, I began to see a real spirit of rebellion rising up in Angela, and one of her first exhibiting signs of this, was to get a tattoo.  I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I cried thinking my baby had defiled herself with something permanent, and I realized I had lost control over influencing her decisions. I loved her unconditionally and this would certainly not be a deal breaker in that love.

I eventually became accustomed to seeing it, but never grew to like it.  Fortunately it was in a spot where you would only see it with shorts or a bathing suit on, which made me thankful for our long months of cold weather. A few years went by and I knew Angela was not walking in any area of her faith.  All I could do was stand on the promise that God would bring her back, and continue to demonstrate how much I loved her regardless. She had moved out, and her lifestyle was far less than what I had prayed for.  I had lost total influence over her.

One afternoon she came by to use my computer, and as we stood there chatting… I SAW IT! Another tattoo! This one was more prominent as it was right at the front of the lower part of her leg. I asked to see it, and my heart broke. It was the word Angel in cursive writing, with demonic horns protruding out the top of the A, and a serpentine tail formed the long part of the final letter. I realized, evil had gripped her and she had marked herself with the verification of that. I knew she didn’t comprehend the spiritual ramifications of this, but I did. Every time I saw it, I hated it more and more, and the worst part was knowing she wasn’t at a place that I could explain it to her, or even less, accept what I would say.

I continued to pray that God would bring the right man into her life and when Casey arrived, to be honest I was beginning to doubt God was even listening to my prayers. I judged him, and not just a little. Piercing, tattoos, heavy metal music, Marilyn Manson concerts. Exactly how did God plan to bring Angela back, when she was dating the poster boy for everything I didn’t want my daughter involved in. Then it happened, I began to realize how much I liked him. We grew to love him. His heart was good…he was the one.

They married and after their first child , Kale was born, began attending church with us. Michael and I frequently talked about what a mighty force for God they would be if they would only surrender to Him totally. The new faith they had been nurturing took its biggest hit, when in Nov/2011 Michael died suddenly and they had to choose to trust in God’s plan, or walk away. They stayed, and moved ahead in their faith at near lightning speed. God poured into them, and they flourished. They committed to Him 110%. Well as we all know, with conversion often comes conviction, and one day I heard the most beautiful words come flowing from Angela’s mouth. I feel that I should get rid of the tattoo. I could barely contain my excitement. Thank you Jesus!!! My prayers are answered. It will be removed. Well…not exactly. Angela then told me it would have to be covered with a larger tattoo. Really God? Did you not get my prayer memo on this?

So it was covered, and she wasn’t kidding when she said a larger tattoo. I braced myself to see the unveiling, in hopes I would be able to hide my grief about this. Then the strangest thing happened. I saw that it had been covered with the silhouette of a mother cradling a baby, and her hair was a cascade of gorgeous flowers, and across the top of Angela’s foot it said, A Mothers Love. Now I was the one who was convicted. I felt God’s presence all over me. I realized what a beautiful Godly mother she was becoming, and that God had given me strength to get through the rough years with her because my Mother’s love was unceasing. Then God spoke to me…look close Mary Anne, that tattoo represents the way my mercy and grace can cover everything she did before she came to me as my own. So now each time I see it I remember what God has done, He perpetuated the greatest cover-up of all time.

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