Have come to realize I am one of the most stubborn people I know.  Even though the dictionary has many negative words and phrases that extol the meaning of stubborn, two of them stood out to me, tenacity and done in a continued manner.  That changes it all for me! There are some things I will be stubborn about until the day I die.

  • I will choose love over hate always.
  • No matter what comes my way I will tenaciously fight, claw, and crawl, with all I have to come out the other side better than when I went in.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • A kiss can move a heart to perfection of emotions, and a hug will comfort the deepest sorrow.
  • Don’t ever tell me I can’t when I’m in the middle of a mission that won’t cause me bodily harm. (Bruising is OK)
  • I will dance in public.
  • I can love in all the following ways, small, medium, and large. I prefer to love you large, however sometimes it’s like dessert, and you have to limit yourself to a small portion until the right occasion arises.
  • My faith in God will help me move mountains, sometimes I just need the rest of you to show up with a shovel.

I’m not oblivious to my less than desirable moments of negative stubbornness, but would prefer you just walked on by when it’s happening, LOL

If you are reading this, more than likely I will die loving or liking you in some way or another. It’s far more enjoyable than the alternative. Be “stubborn” today, it’s more life enriching than you might think.

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    Yes you are and isn’t it grand??

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